Custom Laser Cutting


Let us help bring your ideas to life.

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Dream up your next amazing project. We have worked with hundreds of clients to fabricate architectural models, wooden signs, beautiful invitations and more and would love to help you! Common materials we cut are wood, acrylic, paper, leather and cardboard. See our Laserable Materials Guide for more information. We cannot cut or etch metal directly, but we can etch coated metals (like anodized aluminum). We have two lasers with 24"x36" beds and one with an 18"x24" bed. We can only cut through material up to 1/4". However, we can etch designs onto items much thicker. See our Custom Cutting Portfolio for inspiration!

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If you are setting up your own file, please refer to our File Set-Up Guide for detailed information. We are also available to help with file setup.

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Email or call 512-522-6253 with any questions you might have about your design or concept. We’ll give you an estimate and proceed from there. We charge $1.50/minute for custom cutting, including any file setup, material prep and design. Our expedited project charge is $3/minute. Turnaround time varies depending on the scale of your project and laser availability, but an average estimate for most projects is 1-2 weeks. We work with custom cutting clients near and far, and we’re happy to arrange shipping when your project is complete. For a detailed estimate, fill out our Custom Cutting Inquiry Form ⇢

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Revel in your fully completed custom project. It’s awesome, and we both know it!