Where we Shop

The best laserable materials in town.


Woodcraft // We always support those who support public television, but the friendly and helpful woodcraft crew have a wide variety of beautiful and unique exotic woods sold in strips and packs.

D and D Hardwoods // These folks have a wide array of hardwoods, and they have an easy-to-use online interface.  You can even preview the appearance of the wood varieties while you cruise the offerings.

National Balsa // This website has our much-coveted and difficult to locate 1/16″ birch plywood.  It’s a bit pricey compared to the thicker stuff, but it makes for some wonderful results.  They also have great prices on basswood and some hardwoods too.

Fine Lumber // These folks are a cut above the rest when it comes to customer service.  We use their 1/8″ and 1/4″ baltic birch and you should too; lasers like a charm!

Allied Plastic Supply // Their acrylic is laser-friendly and comes in all kinds of fun colors and thicknesses.  They also sell R-tape. They can cut the material to laser bed size (“24×36”) but often require purchasing a full 4’x8’ sheet.  Stop by their North Austin location to see samples. They have competitive prices if you need a large volume!

Regal Plastics // Their acrylic is laser-friendly and comes in all kinds of fun colors and thicknesses.  They can cut the material to laser bed size (“24×36”).  Stop by to see samples, and please note that uncertain turn-around times might mean that you’ll need to place an order a week or more in advance.

Delvie’s Plastics // This online retailer has a wide selection of acrylic colors and thicknesses. They sell laser bed sized sheets.

E-plastics // This online retails sells a variety of acrylic sheets.

Inventables // This online retailer has an amazing selection of acrylic in small piece sizes.

Tandy Leather // They carry a variety of leather (from small scrap pieces to whole hides) and leather-working tools to help your next leather laser cut project from start to finish.

Jerry’s Artarama // Talented and helpful staff can direct you to the tablets or sheets of large and lovely papers.

Asel Art // We’ve heard a rumor that this Austin institution carries canson opalux paper, which cuts like a charm for custom stencil-making.

Co-op Art Supplies Store // They carry basswood, paper, and an assortment of other odds and ends you might find handy for specific projects.  They are located on the drag, so be prepared for some creative parking – or – seek out the parking garage on San Antonio where you can achieve free parking with a purchase at the co-op.

Paper Source // If you’re looking for pre-cut cards or stationery to which you’d like to add a little flair, this shop has a small but wonderful selection of colors and sizes from which you might choose.  If you’d like large sheets of colorful paper to maximize efficiency on a big beautiful job, check out these large sheet paper source offerings.

Clampitt Paper and Fasclampitt // These are two options for those of you looking for a serious paper supplier.  We recommend calling in advance; you might be able to browse, but having an appointment or giving them a sense of what you have in mind is usually ideal.

Epilog’s Website // This is a great online resource for miscellaneous laserable materials should you need those too–be sure to request an MSDS from the manufacturer to check for material consistency and whether or not these products are actually approved materials for our shop.